Modern Slavery Act 2015

As of 31st July 2015 new human trafficking legislation came into force under the Modern Slavery Act 2015.  This legislation covers both migrant and UK children trafficked into and within the UK and can assist with victim identification and the National Referral Mechanism process.  Ensure that you are able to safeguard and protect the vulnerable by means of the new powers contained within the Act. I am delighted to confirm that our new and very powerful on line E learning course: Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery is now available and can be accessed via: Trafficking, Exploitation and Modern Slavery Course 

Bedfordshire Police on-going commitment to assisting first responders in Bedfordshire tackle human trafficking want to bring to remind you of the change in the ‘duty to notify’ changes in the referral of victims of modern slavery.

To help more victims of modern slavery to be identified, a new provision in the Modern Slavery Act has come into force. Police, along with other public authorities, including local authorities, now have a legal duty to notify the Home Office when we encounter any potential victim of modern slavery, including human trafficking.

This is another positive step to put an end to modern slavery. Men, women and children in our county are being subjected to this abuse and the Police are dedicated to tackling this hidden but profitable and damaging crime.

The change comes when referring an adult who doesn’t consent to being referred. The Police now have a duty to notify the Home Office for every potential adult of human trafficking regardless of consent.

It intends to improve the identification of victims and help build a more comprehensive picture of the nature and scale of modern slavery. It is thought the number of potential victims referred to the National Referral Mechanism (NRM) is less than 15% of the estimated number of victims in the UK.

Useful guidance on the NRM for front-line staff can be found here and the NRM forms can be found here

Guidance on the duty to notify and the MS1 form can be found here



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